Is Spikeball America’s Next Big Sport?

SpikeBall is a trendy new game for the beach, grass, indoors, or pavement that has a lot of young Americans hooked. Folks say that if volleyball and four square had a baby, spike ball would be it.

The formal term for the sport Spikeball (The brand/company) created is called Roundnet.

Typically played with two teams of two players each, players have three hits to spike the small rubber ball on to the round net, which acts as a trampoline. Then the rules of volleyball apply – if it hits the ground before you can get it, or before you spike it again, it’s the other team’s point.

There are a couple more rules that you can learn about here:

Roundnet can be played at a local park

Spikeball has more or less soared to success after being launched in 2008, and featuring on Shark Tank in 2015. It has caught a major following, and hosts multiple tournaments around America each month. It also helps when popular athletes and Dude Perfect promote your product.

Marshall Harris of ESPN said roundnet was “Easy to learn but difficult to master.”

It can lead to wild plays to secure the win!

You might have seen high school or college age kids out on the beach or at the park playing a couple of games.

Who can blame them? It’s good exercise, competitive, strengthens bonds between people, easy to transport, and most of all, fun. I (if you couldn’t already tell) encourage you all to try out spikeball, and just have some fun outdoors!

With the popularity of roundnet rising and Spikeball’s revenue growing, it may well become the next major sport in America.

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See you next time…

11 thoughts on “Is Spikeball America’s Next Big Sport?

  1. The best sport and next big thing!

    Also that’s a dope profile pic buddy

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  2. The best sport and next big thing!

    Also that’s a dope profile pic buddy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Roundnet is where it’s at! Well said.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love Watching you all play Spikeball! In fact, cousin Zak had it on his “wish list”, so we just got it for him; he has played it numerous time with his buds…… he will take it back to college soon…..

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    1. Spikeball is fun, but hard as well!


  5. I’ve yet to see it played
    but I’m learning!


  6. I love it -talia


  7. Spikeball is sick… I’ve played every night the past week, it’s honestly addicting.


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