What Will Sports Look Like in 20 Years?

20 years ago, the San Antonio Spurs had won their first of five championships. Soon after, the 1999 NBA draft introduced names like Elton Brand, Manu Ginobili, Baron Davis, and Lamar Odom to the NBA. The MLB was experiencing multiple cases of doping. Tony Hawk had just landed the world’s first 900, and The Matrix was starring in theaters.

Things have changed a lot, but what does the next 20 years hold for sports?

With the majority of current sports stars having vanished into retirement, new ones will have stolen the spotlight (Bronny James???).

Esports will continue on its rise in fame and popularity, with younger and younger teens/children gaining newfound fame and making hefty salaries. If you don’t think eSports is a sport, stick around and we’ll be discussing that in a future post.

MLS has experienced rapid growth in the past decade, and there’s no reasons to say that the growth will stop anytime soon. The 2018 season recorded the highest U.S. broadcast viewership ever, as well as setting a new high in average ticket price across the league at $30.

Chart from https://www.businessinsider.com/major-league-soccer-attendance-2014-10

20 years ago the Major League Soccer had 12 teams, and now it contains 24 different teams, with multiple others joining soon.

Children’s soccer will begin to make tighter and tighter regulations on heading the ball, as heading was the result of loads of concussions. In fact, most youth leagues have already banned 11 year-olds and younger from heading the ball at all – practice or game.

The NFL will have to develop some new technology or rules that limits head injuries, because the current information on CTE and other head injuries due to football is making more and more people wary of it. Many of the football greats admit they wouldn’t of ever played the game if they knew about the risks we now know.


Who knows, Spikeball may be an olympic sport by then! If you missed that article, go check out https://sbp.sport.blog/2019/06/27/is-spikeball-americas-next-big-sport/ !


Undoubtedly, there will be new technological advancements that help athletes perform at higher levels, and occasionally a big record will be broken due to those breakthroughs.

One things’s for sure: the digital world will be taking over sports, having a greater and greater impact with each passing year.

Comment what you think will be going on in 20 years, and hit the follow button either in the top right (desktops) or bottom right (phones). Peace out!

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5 thoughts on “What Will Sports Look Like in 20 Years?

  1. I don’t see a lot of change in sports happening soon (besides spikeball becoming the next big sport), I only see many scientific studies coming out about safety and ways to improve games, that won’t actually make a big difference.

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  2. I think the major sports will stay major sports and there won’t be a lot of major changes as far as how they’re played. I hope that organizations, much like soccer did, increase the amount of teams per league. Overall, I hope that as technology advances injuries are decreased. Also, possibly a “digital referee” for each sport?? That’d be interesting. Also, tampering rules need to be CHANGED. I hope those rules keep up with our times.

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    1. Nice! I agree. I think the rules should keep up with the times, and I hope that medical and technological discoveries can reduce injuries.


  3. It’s really hard to predict the future of sports in 20 years, but I believe those promoting integrity, perseverance, and character will endure. I predict a bright future for golf, which embodies all of these throughout the globe.


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    1. Very thoughtful! I think golf will rise in popularity, but it has to expand more. More courses and driving ranges all throughout the world would almost certainly mean an increase in interest and participation.


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