Baseball is Becoming Too Slow to Watch

It has never been a secret that baseball is one of the much slower sports, but recently it has become almost unbearable to watch.

The amount of action during the game has decreased so much that the ball is not put into play on over 30 percent of at-bats, where strikeouts, hit batters, or walks occur.

In April of 2018, for the first time in the entire history of the MLB, there were more strikeouts than hits. Simultaneously, the 2018 season had the lowest per-game attendance in the past 15 years.

Many people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the current state of baseball, including many baseball greats. Hall of Famer Goose Gossage said last year that  “I try to watch a baseball game, and I find it very difficult to be able to watch today.”

Baseball is just getting too boring.

Games take a whopping average of 3 hours and 7 minutes to complete, which is hard for more than a few people to sit through. 33 minutes and 39 seconds of that time was just for the time in between batters! The time between innings in the average game amounted to 42 minutes and 41 seconds of brain-rotting commercials.

In 2019, MLB teams have averaged using more than 4 different pitchers per game

However, the biggest chunk of downtime was the time in between pitches, which amounted to an hour, 14 minutes, and 49 seconds. The time for readjusting straps, cleaning cleats, checking for the potential steal, inspecting one’s bat, and more readjusting contributed to almost half of the entire game.

Politifact gathered that there were actually only 18 minutes of “action” during the average 3+ hour MLB game.

The MLB has definitely lost me as a viewer and spectator because of the lethargic, lengthened play and the uninteresting games.

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4 thoughts on “Baseball is Becoming Too Slow to Watch

  1. 3 hours and 7 minutes is rough to watch. Is Basketball becoming America’s sport? I think so

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  2. MLB needs to add some rules to make the games go by faster. Maybe put a timer on inbetween pitches and innings to make the game go by faster. Although the games are terribly slow, stats are extremely expansive nowadays and I find it really interesting. It’s crazy that they can calculate just about everything going on in the game like pitch location, velocity, and home run length.

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    1. Yes, the things that new technology can evaluate in baseball are quite amazing. A timer in between pitches and innings could be an good idea. It would definitely be interesting to see players’ reactions to it.


  3. Perhaps it is slow for some sports fans. In my case every moment, every pitch, every play is a moment of intrigue and possibility to be absorbed. GO YANKEES !


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