Why the Raptors Deserve the NBA Championship

The Larry O’Brien trophy

The Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors will be facing off later today for the most coveted achievement in basketball-the Larry O’Brien trophy. The Warriors have been in the last four championship matchups, and won three of them in the progress.

The Raptors are a hardworking, gritty squad that’s backed by a country of avid (and sometimes wild) supporters who haven’t ever won an O’Brien trophy (They took to the streets in Toronto after they won the ECF!! WILD.).

The Warriors not only have five all-stars on their current roster, but also arguably the best shooter of all time on their team. Not to say they haven’t been dogged by recent injuries to their lineup, but the fact they have such talent illustrates the idea that they’re just the playground bully of the NBA.

I think it’s just time for someone else to win one, and make the league a little more exciting.

I know many close friends that are Warriors fans, and of course don’t want any mercy for the Raptors, or anyone for that matter. And who can blame them? We all want our teams to win and win and win.

Kawhi “The Klaw” Leonard is obviously a big factor in the Finals as well. His humble yet incredible play this entire season has transformed him from a good player to a Top 3 player in the Association. I think he deserves the championship due to his quiet leadership and exciting skillset to watch.

Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors is defended by Klay Thompson in Game 2

Hopefully Leonard’s playoff dominance will continue, and the infamous Drake curse will be suspended during the extent of the Finals.

Drop a comment on who YOU think deserves the championship more.

5 thoughts on “Why the Raptors Deserve the NBA Championship

  1. I am rooting for GS! But I do think that Toronto will win…

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    1. Biased article😂. This is a real Kawhi Leonard bandwagon fan right


      1. I’d argue I’m not a Kawhi bandwagon; I’ve been a Kawhi fan since he got traded to the Spurs!


  2. Raps deserve to win because they’ve been playing better all series long, and to be honest I think they have the more balanced and overall skilled team. However, when people say that the warriors have five all stars, it’s really not true. Demarcus Cousins is farrrr from an all-star level talent at the moment. Not saying he’s been horrible, but just seeing the way he’s been moving on the court is not nearly the same as how he was before his Achilles injury. He’s been sloppy, slow, and has struggled to make shots within the key. Secondly: Draymond isn’t an all-star either. Although he’s been playing great in the playoffs, he was extremely inconsistent and downright awful in many of the games throughout the regular season, which resulted in him not being named an all-star. So TECHNICALLY the dubs really only have 2 all-stars on the court during these finals with KD out. And also, with that logic wouldn’t that mean the raptors have 3 all stars as well? Kyle Lowry (a former all-star), Marc Gasol (former all-star, defensive player of the year, and MVP candidate in 2015), and of course Kawhi Leonard. My point is that the 5 all-stars excuse that sooo many people use shouldn’t be used because it could almost be matched with the Raptors. Regardless, as a Warriors fan, I do think the Raps deserve this one slightly more than the Warriors, but of course I’m rooting for my dubs all the way 😉


    1. Yes, I do see your points. We’ll just have to see what happens in the next two games. They will certainly be interesting to watch!!


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