What I’ve Learned While Skateboarding

…More than the average person might think actually.

I started skating around a year and a half ago, and what caused me to continue was the sheer excitement and fun in it. Trying certain tricks, failing, and then ideally mastering certain ones.

I’ve learned that skating is a lot like life. If you skate, it’s a guarantee that you will fall. You will skin your knees and hit your hips on the asphalt. There are going be negative times in your life when it feels like you just hit a pebble pushing as fast as you could (I know that from experience). Ouch.

Sometimes there are days where I can’t land a single trick cleanly, and it’s one of the worst feelings I think the world can offer. You get frustrated, except the anger is directed at directed at yourself.

Life is the same. We mess up. And nobody made you make those mistakes. It’s easy to get fed up and quit, but life goes on.


There are opportunities to improve and learn, and ultimately get better at your craft.

Most of we see on social networks and the internet are the smooth skate tricks and perfect landings, similar to the exquisite vacations and picturesque beaches.

We don’t see the hours spent slamming the concrete and trying and trying and retrying and coming up with no clips. We don’t see the sadness, problems, and negativity that celebrities and internet figures don’t post up on the internet.

I’ve also learned that if you don’t work on a skill, you won’t get better at it. Seems obvious huh? Well in life we (or at least I) don’t always work on improving our procrastination habits, organization, kindness to others, or patience.

I would try to perform certain tricks, but never practice them. Life doesn’t really work like that either.


I also learned that if you don’t take risks that may make your physical or mental self uncomfortable, you will never grow or improve. You won’t grow in life if everything you do is in your comfort zone, so get uncomfortable.

Also, if you are interested in this skateboarding thing, the SLS (The biggest skating competition of the year) is this weekend, so you can tune in at http://streetleague.com

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